Gustavo Vásquez: The desire to succeed has no limits

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At age 25, Gustavo Perez is already working at the National Secretary’s Office for Sports in Paraguay, for 3 years now. He works next to national figures such as as Leticia Baex Houdin, the first Paraguayan female referee to participate in the Paralympic Games, Rio 2016. Gustavo has travelled to several international competitions in Spain, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Greece. All thanks to his performance in track and field, discipline that he has been practicing at Special Olympics Paraguay, for the last 16 years.

He began his studies in the special education center, Taller Arasy, where he developed his knowledge and abilities for his daily life. Gustavo says that thanks to Special Olympics Paraguay he has met great friends, such as his trainers Raquel Fernandez and Liliana Falcon. This accomplished athlete shows that there are no limits when there is great desire for improvement and family support.

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