Benito Heredia: Service through sports

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My adventure with Special Olympics started as a volunteer in a bowling tournament,” said Benito Heredia, Sports Director of the Latin American Games Committee, Panama 2017. Through a seminar, Benito prepared himself to be part of Special Olympics trainers for the bowling discipline. This is how he met Ariel Ramsey, Special Olympics Panama athlete, that used to train with him every Saturday.

After many practices and training with Ariel, the date of the Bowling Tournament and Award Ceremony arrived. Benito was able to get out of work to arrive just in time to see Ariel at the podium receiving his silver medal. When he saw him, Ariel got off the podium and approached him, showing him the medal on his chest, very proudly: “This belongs to you as well…” Benito confesses that he was unable to contain tears from the emotion. “Special Olympics offers life-changing experiences and make you value everything more. This is something you have to experience and live for yourself,” Benito affirms.

The III Special Olympics Latin American Games will take place from the April 21st to the 28th 2017. Over 800 Special Olympics athletes will be participating They will be accompanied by 200 trainers and 700 families, over 2 thousand volunteers, and a body of judges and officials integrated by 80 persons.

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