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Coach Tsauseb a Hero for Children with Disabilities in Namibia

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Tsire Tsauseb (at right) shares his success story to encourage others, particularly parents, in Walvis Bay, Namibia. Photo Credit: Taati Nilenge

Raising a child with disability in the sparsely populated country of Namibia can be very challenging for parents, according to data from Namibia's Ministry for Gender Equality. 

That's why Tsire Tsauseb is such an important advocate and example. Tsauseb grew up in a time where many disabilities were poorly understood, and the potential of children were stifled due to their isolation in society. Tsauseb surprised many by successfully attending a mainstream school, joining the police force and later working in local government. Today, he looks back on a full life as a husband and father of three. 

An advocate who lifts others up, he was essential in founding the National Federation of People with Disabilities and writing the National Disability Act. He encourages parents to encourage their child's education as much as possible, including by enrolling them in Special Olympics, where he is a proud coach who has had athletes represent Namibia at World Games. 

Thank you Coach Tsauseb!

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