Luis Angel Carhuaz: Pride and joy of his parents

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“Luis’ birth gave life a different meaning. Now we know the essence of happiness lies in basic and simple things,” say Luis Angel parents. They remember that the first years were difficult because of the therapies, he was frequently sick, and they didn’t know much about Down Syndrome.

When Luis was one year old, his parents saw a group of Special Olympics Peru athletes on TV, showing the medals they had won in a competition. Little after, Luis started with swimming discipline and, when he turned 4, he got in an inclusive school, where he surprised all the teachers with his swimming abilities. At the school, he was one of the 20 students chosen, out of 40, to be part of the theater group. He won the gold medal when he competed for the first time in Special Olympics in 2014. Two years later, he participated in the Arequipa’s National Games, where he enjoyed sharing with other athletes. He received a recognition in his school for this achievements. “We would never change Luis for anything in this world,” say his parents filled with pride and joy.

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