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Andrik y Migdalia: Siblings and Unified Partners

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"I have learned that all children are equal and we should not discriminate anyone. Special Olympics has given me the opportunity to practice many sports along with my sister and other Special Olympics Mexico athletes,” said Andrik Benítez referring to the meaning of Special Olympics.

Andrik is a Special Olympics Mexico Unified Partner, or athlete without intellectual disabilities. He is 10 years old and was invited to participate, along with his sister Mildred Italia, 12-year old athlete with an intellectual disability, in the softball team "Guerreros Lindavista." Andrik has helped Mildred in her emotional and physical development as well as socializing. Their parents are very grateful with the Special Olympics Unified Sports program that join persons with and without intellectual disabilities on the same sports team.

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Marketing and Development Coordinator, Special Olympics Latin America