Franklin Delgado: Athlete and DJ

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"If I traveled all the way to Japan to represent Ecuador, why not be a DJ and fulfill my dream?” said Franklin Delgado. He has been a Special Olympics Ecuador athlete for more than 20 years and currently manages his time between being a DJ - at events and party contracts - and swimming.

Franklin has participated in several competitions and has represented Ecuador in soccer and hockey in Peru and Japan, respectively. Special Olympics also provided support in his professional development. He worked for 13 years in Yanbal, partner company for Special Olympics Ecuador. Due to the economy of the country, Franklin finished his work with the company and, nine months ago, he fulfilled his dream of being a DJ. He continues his work as a DJ and is happy to be part of the "World of Champions," as he calls the Special Olympics world.

About Me:

Marketing and Development Coordinator, Special Olympics Latin America


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