Athlete Health Corner: Improving Health

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Jordan shares, "Any small exercises can help go a long way in improving everyone’s daily health and wellness routine."

I’m always thinking of ways to improve my health. 

Health is important to me because not only does it help with my sports performance, it also teaches me ways to challenge myself and set goals outside of Special Olympics. These goals could range from little things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or big things like going to the gym multiple times a week. Any small exercises can help go a long way in improving everyone’s daily health and wellness routine. 

Every day at work I still try to get my legs moving at least once every hour. If I’m too tired to go to the gym when I get home, another thing I try to do is play basketball in my driveway. While I’ve accomplished a lot during my 12 years in Special Olympics, I’m still only getting started. I was involved with Special Olympics Healthy Athletes® and the year-round focus on health called Healthy Communities in 2014. In Healthy Athletes, I’ve been through Special Smiles, Healthy Hearing and Fit Feet.

Pennsylvania hosted an Athlete Congress where the highest voted athlete selected priority was improving athletes’ health, nutrition and fitness and as a result of the 2014 Athlete Congress, we have taken several big steps towards improving athletes’ health, nutrition and fitness inside and outside of Special Olympics. 

I encourage athlete leaders everywhere to make health a priority. We need to work together to help stop the issues our Healthy Athletes volunteers continue to see.

About Me:

Jordan Schubert has been a Special Olympics athlete in Special Olympics Pennsylvania for 12 years. He currently competes in basketball and floor hockey and previously competed in softball and soccer. Jordan is the Athlete Leadership Coordinator for Special Olympics Pennsylvania. He is passionate about sharing the message on how important good health and nutrition are to improving health for people with intellectual disabilities.