With Special Olympics Namibia, The Best Eight Weeks of My Life

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I went over to Namibia in May 2016 and spent the best 8 weeks of my life volunteering for Special Olympics Namibia. 

National Director Simon Muinjo, board members, coaches and volunteers at Special Olympics Namibia all made me feel like a part of the team straight away. They allowed me to have input in many decisions as well as being a part of the selection and coaching of the floorball team who are going to the Austria 2017 Winter World Games. 

Volunteering at Special Olympics Namibia was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing people and incredible athletes. This experience has opened my mind and allowed me to become a much better person and coach, and I owe that to everybody at Special Olympics Namibia. 

I wish my whole Namibian family at Special Olympics the very best and I cannot wait to be re-united at the Austria World Games.

About Me:

Liverpool John Moores University student who went on UK Sport's 10th and final year IDEALS programme to Namibia