Becoming Stronger and Stronger

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Elena was in awe of being able to carry the torch for the Unified Relay Across America.
When Elena Weaver started running the torch for the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics in Georgia in 1999, she could only trot about a block. The torch was just too heavy for her to carry. As her training as a gymnast with Special Olympics became more directed, however, she became stronger and stronger. Now she can carry the Torch and run up to 3 miles! If Special Olympics Georgia and the Law Enforcement Torch Run did not exist, Elena’s life would be very different. She was born with multiple birth defects – with no expectation of a healthy and normal life. It took years of hospitalizations, surgeries and therapies for Elena to prove to everyone she could and would live. Not only did she live, she actually began to dream of all that her life could become. She has gotten involved with the Law Enforcement Torch Run fundraising and has been to many events. As a Global Ambassador, Elena has given many speeches in support of all of the law enforcement officers. Elena has loved every minute of this experience.

About Me:

I am Elena's mother