Sister Who Now Walks with the Angels

I grew up with a special sister. She was born breach; the doctor panicked and displaced her hips by about 20 degrees from straight.But that's not all. She also had cerebral palsy and mental and learning handicaps. The doctors told my parents, "With her retardation and other problems, she should be put in an asylum and forgotten. She won't live to see her 16th birthday." Mother wouldn't hear it. They took her home got her a home teacher who got her to read. She loved music and would hum when she wanted to hear some. She learned to talk in very broken garbled words but I had to learn her words so we could speak to each other. I was her baby brother and I was never ashamed of patrolling she was smart and beautiful a bit misshapen never able to do anything for herself ever. I ask this of all those who hate difference: try living just one day in my sister's shoes.She finally walks with the angels at the young age of 60. I pray she's just as happy there as she was here.