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Success and Acceptance Through Sports in India

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Shikha has mastered both summer and winter sports. Austria 2017 will be her first World Games.
When Shikha was born with multiple physical and intellectual disabilities, she needed urgent medical attention. The prospect of her care – along with the stigma -- proved too much for her family, who sent her to a residential care facility. But she had always hoped to see her parents again. Shikha was born without fingers and toes, along with distinctive facial features. She learned to keep a distance from people and hide her face. Her life changed dramatically when she began training with Special Olympics. She gained confidence and learned new skills -- and also enjoyed public approval and applause for the first time. Even though she had trouble walking and keeping her balance, Shikha's coach saw that she simply needed encouragement and training. Balancing on her legs was difficult; but she didn’t give up, no matter how often she fell. Holding a bocce ball without fingers was also challenging, but Shikha has mastered the art.

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