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Thanks to Special Olympics Young Athletes, I now see my child as a winner

Nomfundo Khumalo has seen change in her community in Swaziland, thanks to the work of Special Olympics.

I used to have challenges on how to take care of my child. I thought she was nothing and useless in life, and she didn’t care about anyone besides herself. 

But Special Olympics Young Athletes changed those thoughts. Through games, which she plays at Special Olympics and with me at home, her world opened up. My child, who attends Christian Revival Preschool, can now play with other children and participate. She listens to her teachers, and is learning to read. 

Before Special Olympics Swaziland, no one was connecting families with their children for their wellbeing. I have seen change in my community, where families discriminated against their children. Parents lock them up and leave them behind, not allowing them to attend school because they feel they are a shame in the community. But the volunteers have met with them, organised family meetings and training workshops. 

Now, I never call my child names and I feel she will become a winner in life and in sports with Special Olympics.

About Me:

My name is Nomfundo Khumalo, a parent involved with Special Olympics Young Athletes in Swaziland.