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Daniel Rothe - NC February Athlete of the Month

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Daniel Rothe is used to attending competitions with his delegation from Transylvania County. But at the 2016 SONC Summer Games, something was different. Instead of competing with his teammates, he had a new role: coach. A knee injury forced Rothe to step away from competition in order to heal in time to play his favorite sport, soccer. An active participant in Polar Plunges and fundraising, Rothe is committed to being involved in his local program in any way possible. Now, however, he realized that he wanted to be involved with Special Olympics in a new way. At just 19 years old, Rothe stepped up to help lead his fellow athletes as a coach for athletics. “He has always shown great leadership with the other athletes, so he decided to try coaching,” said Rothe’s mother, Judy.

About Me:

I am the Manager of Communications for Special Olympics North Carolina.


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