This is a horrible word

Sometimes my brothers and I call each other names just for fun because we are siblings and stuff, but i've seen people talk about the R-word and that they don't like it, and i've felt bad for saying the R-word even to my brothers because it can be a mean word. I've actually heard someone call this boy with Down syndrome a R-word because he wasn't learning stuff as fast as us and I got really mad about it and I got on to him and I asked him how he would feel if someone called him the R-word...Do you want to know what his answer was? He said, "I wouldn't like it because I know i'm not R-word." So I told him to not call someone else and R-word even if they learn slower than some people. I told him if I catch him doing it again that there would be some consequences because what he did was mean and wrong.

About Me:

My name is Madison Scott, I play volleyball and I do track...I love to read a lot and I sometimes write a little bit, and I hate when people bully other people