Why I took the pledge

I often conduct fire safety inspection at locations that persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities live. During one of these inspections, I noted a number of the residents (now friends) wearing T-shirts with the “Spread the Word to End the Word” logo. I sat with a group of the residents and they explained not only the campaign to me, but that all they want is to be treated like everyone else. The group also told me that they would like everyone to embrace the word RESPECT. If you find yourself struggling with the idea of showing persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities a little RESPECT, take the time to meet them. Their stories and some of the challenges they have overcome I found truly inspirational. I for one have learned from their honesty and genuine appreciativeness for the little amount of time I am able to give. One young lady told me she is humbled that someone from the fire service is interested in the campaign...I am honored to be a part of it.

About Me:

District Fire Chief/Fire Prevention Officer for the City of Temiskaming Shores.