The Mikey Story

My story began when my little brother was born 17 years ago (almost 18). He was born healthy as can be, no indications that he may have a disability. Around 6 months after his birth my family began to notice his lack of meeting developmental mile stones. He wasn't able to sit up, his hands and feet would curl in toward his chest and he always had a lost stare in his eye. After visit with our pediatriton and 5 days after one visit with the neurologist, Mikey was diagnosed with 18q minus syndrome. In a summed up description he will never be able to walk, talk, has the mentality of a 3 month old, has several deformations, and is legally blind. Despite all of those characteristics and by the grace of GOD he is as healthy as anyone. Growing up the R-WORD has always been an issue that my sister and I were taught to either shrug off or confront recpectfully. In my eyes the word is no different other negative words directed toward a specific race or sexuality. They'really all nasty words.

About Me:

I am a strong big sister for a strong little brother.