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I’m Takeshi. I am a Special Olympics athlete living in Fukuoka, Japan. 

When I was a child, I saw my sisters and cousins were snowboarding. I fell in love with it in that moment. I really wanted to do it but they said I was too little and didn’t let me. So when my local Special Olympics Program started offering snowboarding program, I was very happy to join in. But, I live in the southern part of Japan and we rarely have snow. We have to travel up to a mountain with hours of driving. I can snowboard only a few days in a year. There are techniques which I want to learn, but time is always short. I was thrilled to participate in a unified snowboarding race at the X Games in Aspen. 

Today, I finally raced with a professional snowboarder, Mr. Yuki Kadono who I am a fan of. Before the race as I was nervous, he said “Let’s enjoy together and do our best together.” Unified Sports is special. I felt bonded and wasn’t alone. We finished in 4th place and shared joy together. I now like snowboarding more than ever.

About Me:

I am a staff of Special Olympics Nippon (Japan)