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Rohan, 16, joined Special Olympics Bharat five years back. He was the reason for his father to shift base to Assam. Rohan has an intellectual disability and a speech impairment. The tragic passing away of his mother 3 months after he has born left his father isolated in his struggle to give Rohan a quality life.Through his growth it started to became clear that he needed specialized care. Rohan is also cheerful, friendly and loves to help people too. His father was determined to strengthen these aspects of his character. Pinku Kalita is his coach. Assessing his skills in floorball, Pinku is sure that with extra practise sessions he will give a tough fight to the competing teams at the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017. “His attacking position is very good; I am working on strengthening that. Five hours of practise in a week will prepare him adequately.”

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