Celebrating the Women of Special Olympics

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Special Olympics CEO Mary Davis marches with female athletes from Russia in the 2016 Pre-Games held in Austria.
Women in Special Olympics history have inspired, created and driven change, starting with our founder, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, nearly 50 years ago. Today, 5.3 million athletes and Unified Sports teammates compete in Special Olympics. Almost 40 percent are women. This year, nearly 2,700 athletes are putting their best to the test at the 2017 World Winter Games in Austria, set for 14-25 March. More than 800 of these athletes are female -- the most ever to compete at a World Winter Games! Today's Special Olympics movement is led by Mary Davis of Ireland, the first Special Olympics CEO from outside the U.S. Mary started as a volunteer coach with Special Olympics Ireland after college. She has since served in a series of leadership roles, dedicating nearly 40 years of her life to the Special Olympics movement. For International Women's Day (U.N.) and Women's History Month (U.S.), we invite you to learn more about women's crucial and wide-ranging roles in Special Olympics. See slideshow at link below.

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