Winter Games in Kazakhstan

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Before the competition, all participants of Special Olympic Games underwent full medical screening.

Andrey Kosichin opened Special Olympics 2016 National Winter Games for people with intellectual disabilities. 

Special Olympics 2016 National Winter Games took place in Kokshetau. 115 athletes from several regions of Kazakhstan participated in six disciplines: cross country skiing, short track, floorball, snow shooing, alpine skiing, and snowboard. 

The athletes came from Akmola, Atyrau, Almaty, and other regions of Kazakhstan. 

During the competition all athletes underwent a full medical screening. Our volunteers were students of the Kokshetau medical college. Sixty young people together with physicians of SO Kazakhstan undertook a complete health assessment. 

During the screening the athletes could get consultations with a dentist, an otolaryngologist, a nutritionist, and a physician. Events like this are very useful and important not only for sportsmen but also for medical college students as they can get hands on practice and contribute to building a friendly and trusting society.

About Me:

My name is Anzhelika Kim. I have been working in Special Olympics Kazakhstan since September 2016 as a PR-manager. I am currently in Almaty, but I am already actively preparing for the upcoming trip to international games in Austria (Graz). Kazakhstan, represented by Special Olympics Kazakhstan, will also be represented at this grand event. The team, consisting of 25 athletes participating in 6 sports, as well as managers, coaches and technical personnel are ready to compete and win at these World Games. Financial support was rendered by the "Support Fund for the Tourism and Sports Industry". During World Winter Games, a Global Forum on the Inclusiveness of Education and Sport will be held. Representatives of Parliaments, Ministries and international organizations from different countries will take part in this Forum. Kazakhstan will be represented by the deputy of Mazhilis of Kazakhstan RK Balieva ZI, the representative of UNICEF in Kazakhstan, the Director General of the Special Olympics Kazakhstan Bakhareva OS.