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Special Olympics Sarawak State Games 2017 in Malaysia

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This picture it was during a group photo and I taken at The Borneo Post 8/3/17.
My name is Clement Belun Anak Desmond. I am from Sibu, Sarawak.I am 18 years old and now I am in normal class to learn how to survive on my own during the future. The sports that I always taken are bowling and swimming but I am not good in swimming. When I was in primary school, I always joined swimming training on Friday evenings. Then, in secondary school, I started to join bowling training on Saturday mornings. So,the sport I like in Special Olympics is bowling. Before the bowling tournament in Kuching, a teacher selected me to go to Kuching and then I was very excited because it is my first time to be selected during sport tournament. I had been a first time go to Macau for track and field event but I got one medal only because during the track event, I was disqualified. That medal I won was for Shot Put event. So,this is my real story about my Special Olympics chronologies.

About Me:

During the Closing Ceremony of the 4th Sarawak State Games Ten Pin Bowling 2017 in Sibu,I was very excited I got 2 medals for Team category and Double category and I don't know how to mix with each other especially the Special Olympics athletes from Kuching and Miri because I didn't do an introducing my name and which school do you study.Another from that story,I was a Best Bowling Player during the Sarawak State Ten Pin Bowling at Kuching in 1/5/2014.During that day,I was very happy because the people mention my name I was a Best Bowling Player from Sibu.So I get the medal.This is my real story and I like to play bowling very much.