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Super G Silver Medalist Mihail Yakimov, the Man who Beat Destiny


From a small town in Bulgaria living in a orphanage for people with intellectual disabilities silver medalist in the Super-G slalom on Sunday in Schladming - this is Mihail Yakimov. In Bansko, Mihail works as a cleaner in a hotel. When asked how he has the energy every day to go to work and then to train. He simply replied, "I never get tired. It’s up to you. You do it, or you don’t do it.” 

Coach Rosen Yavorov added that Mihail's perfectionism has been an inspiration. “When you see how dedicated athletes like Mihail are, how they look at you and how they want to progress - that really motivates you. It’s a challenge for me,” he said. 

What is left to see is whether Mihail’s attitude will motivate the whole Bulgarian team at the Special Olympics. What is certain, though, is that he gives them something even more precious - a smile every day.

About Me:

I am Dovilė Šeduikytė and I com from Lithuania. I am a sports journalist there and I got the great chance of covering Special Olympics with AIPS Young Reporters program.