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Cheerleaders at Special Olympics Deserve Cheers All Their Own

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Have you ever thought that you will see a unified cheerleader group with people with and without intellectual disabilities? Me neither. It is amazing and very emotional. While watching the Hungarian floor hockey team compete against Costa Rica, I became aware of something wonderful: a unified cheerleader group cheering the teams. "We started the preparation for these Special Olympics nine months ago. The idea to create a cheerleader team was born at the Special Olympics summer games in Athens in 2011," Cheer commissioner Darian Packard said. In Austria, a local cheer team – the Graz Giants Cheerleaders – joined American SO CHEER. They cheer on athletes competing in floor hockey, floorball, stick shooting and speed skating. Both teams will also perform together in the closing ceremonies at Merkur Stadium in Graz on 25 March 25. The two groups together bring a magnetic spirit which touches hearts.

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