It's All About the Victory

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Hungarian action against Jamaica. / Photo: Gabor Werni /

The Hungarian floor hockey team at the Special Olympics perform splendidly again. They show every time that it is a real, serious competition. Maybe people think that just the participation is important. But, for athletes, that is not true. 

"They want to win every game. I have never seen athletes who can fight for a victory like them. They are real fighters, from the teenager to the experienced players. They are proud of who they are,” Lajos Gulyás, one of the Hungarian coach said. They do not want to been pitied. It is sport. And it is all about the result. They do not need special treatment. They have one goal, to become a Special Olympic champion. 

"There is a player who can not read and write. But it does not matter, because all of them can love and respect.” Lajos said.

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