The Non-Sport Side of Mezze Graz

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Curtis from Hong Kong is one of the people contributing to the 10-meters-long communal drawing.

What to do in Graz when you’re not sporting? The Mezze Graz consists of a lot of workshops for both visitors and athletes. 

One of the most visible ones is the Young Athletes obstacle course - it is filled with kids aged 2-7 competing and playing. Young Athletes is an important part of Special Olympics. Currently 170 of the Special Olympics Programs around the world also have a department for Young Athletes. 

In the other end of the Mezze Graz are the more creative types of workshops. The most striking to the eye is the Unified art workshop, which consists of a really large wall paper that people paint together to achieve the meaning of the workshop – art that is done by everyone. 

Because Special Olympics is set in Graz, in the region of Styria, another workshop lets you make your own handkerchiefs with the Styrian crest on it.

About Me:

Jakob Romeborn is a journalist from Sweden who is part of the AIPS Young Reporters Program during Special Olympics in Austria.