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Celebrating World Optometry Day with Special Olympics South Africa

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Recipients of Certificates of Participation

On 23 March 2017, 40 students at University of Johannesburg (UJ) in South Africa celebrated World Optometry Day by attending a presentation on "Making Optometry Inclusive". 

The address was presented by Faith Chabedi from Special Olympics and explained the need to train optometry students to assess people with intellectual disability and to promote the involvement of students in Healthy Athletes screenings annually. By so doing, the institution would produce graduates who are equipped to help reduce health disparities for people with ID. Faith suggested that the training should include at least a module covering modification of test protocol and how to effectively communicate with people with ID. 

The students and staff were receptive to the idea and called for more presentations to other students in April.

About Me:

I am the manager of Partnerships for Inclusive Health (Africa and Asia Pacific Region), in the GDGR departmnent. I have been a Specail Olympics Volunteer since 2002. I served as a clinical director and an RCA for Opening Eyes. I joined SO staff in September 2016.