Age is just a number

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Kotaro Fuji (Jersey No. 13) proves that age is no barrier to learning new sports and skills.
It’s hard to imagine that 14 years ago, Kotaro Fuji was like a fish out of water when it came to team sports. During his first floor hockey practice, he stood rooted to the ground, not knowing how to move or what to do. Today, Kotaro is a key member of Special Olympics Nippon’s floor hockey team, representing Japan at the recent World Winter Games in Austria. At 44, he was the oldest athlete in the delegation, but no less nimble or skillful than his younger teammates. Kotaro started his journey with Special Olympics​ more than 20 years ago playing mostly individual sports including alpine skiing, swimming and martial arts. He could not speak clearly and his parents felt he wouldn’t be able to handle team sports. He has proven everyone wrong. He says: “No matter how old you are, you can still grow, develop and improve. We’re never too old to learn new sports and skills!”

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