How Loksai Became the Pearl of Anantapur

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Loksai was born to parents who were daily wage labourers in the district of Ananthapura, Andhra Pradesh. He is one of two siblings. Seeing his development not in sync with his age made his parents go to a doctor who confirmed Intellectual disability.Having spend a substantial amount, any of which failed to solve their problem, they returned to their village. 

By the time he was 2, Loksai could not speak and flies swarmed around him. Others of his age stayed away from him, calling him ‘mad’ and making fun of him. Frequent taunts from his neighbours , who often said that it would’ve been better having no children rather than having someone like him, made his mother weep silently. But today, Loksai shows no sign of the turmoil that he witnessed as a child. His experiences with Special Olympics have contributed to his physical and mental strength. Read more at the link below.

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