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Special Olympics South Africa helped him realize his dream

A Special Olympics athlete holds up a gold medal he won.
A special thanks goes out to Special Olympics for giving people a chance to feel they belong, and are part of this world and they too can achieve anything

It all started in 1997, and Special Olympics athlete Jonathan Abram was in Unity College and involved in sports activities during his time. 

He took part in athletics, soccer, floor hockey and ten-pin bowling. Golf was his favorite sport, and he played his first-ever tournament at the Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Club in Johannesburg. 

He had collected many medals and ribbons from athletics and ten-pin bowling. 

In his words: "Traveling overseas for the first time was very exciting and to be given the opportunity to compete in the 2003 Special Olympics Summer World Games in Ireland is a dream that I never thought would happen to me." 

"The next day was a nerve wracking experience when I made ready take the first swing of the tournament," he said. 

His biggest moment was when he met the late President Nelson Mandela at his home and shook his hand as he congratulated him as well the rest of the athletes from the winning team.

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