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Youth Leaders Get Involved at Special Olympics Israel

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One of the activity stations in the event
A pure football event for 130 Special Olympics youth leaders was held in the city of Afula in the north of Israel. It's one of Special Olympics Israel's European Football Week events. In a big gym hall, 10 stations were put up; each station had to do with football. There were stations that included kicking a goal into a very small goal; scoring a goal with covered eyes into a goal that had bells hanging down; rolling a rubber ball into the goal; dribbling a ball directed by arrows; kicking balls into a hole and through hoops; bowling by kicking and not throwing the ball; kicking a small football under hurdles; and more. The young athletes were delighted, and had a great time playing football with partners (students from local schools). At the end of the event, one of the girls started crying very loudly. She didn’t even want to get a medal that was given to all participants. Why ? She just didn’t want the event to end. Very exciting.

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