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A great honor for the athletes from Special Olympics Israel

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The athletes Gil Yamin and Eyal Bar Shai at the ceremony with the referees and the captains of the teams
An event on 25 May made for a great evening and a great honor for Special Olympics Israel and for our athletes. As a part of the cooperation between Special Olympics Israel and Israel Football Association, two Special Olympics athletes - Gil and Eyal - were invited to give the ball to the referee before the game of the National Cup finals at the stadium in Jerusalem, in front of thousands spectators in the stands and hundreds of thousands watching the broadcast of the game in their home. The athletes received a lot of respect and applause from the audience when the announcer presented them and the Special Olympics. During the half time, our athletes participated in a ceremony for the prevention of violence and racism in sports, togther with students from Jewish and Arab schools. The great honor accorded to the athletes in this event is a great expression of appreciation from many people, especially from the Football Association, for the activities of our movement in general and for our athletes in particular.

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