Best Buddy Fun

I was a member of the Best Buddies program while I attended college in Illinois. I had the most hilarious best buddy! She LOVED scary movies and we had a blast during our Best Buddy Halloween party. However, my best buddy loved scary movies so much that she wanted to take me to one of the scariest movies playing at that time, Annabelle. I reluctantly agreed and I am so glad I did!! During the movie, my best buddy was laughing almost the ENTIRE time! Her laugh made me laugh and by the time we walked out of the theatre, I realized that I never got scared once during the movie. My best buddy turned something frightening into something full of laughter and fun. That experience reinforced my pledge to never use the R word and to discourage those around me from ever using it.

About Me:

I am currently a 7th grade science teacher in the public schools system. I love what I do and I love the neurodiversity of my students. I believe that each and every mind is beautifully unique!