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I'm a proud Special Olympics South Africa Healthy "HERO"

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Juanay Van Reenen now walks with her head held high and cannot wait to graduate from college and fulfill her dreams of travelling the world and continuing to assist her fellow athletes.

We interviewed Juanay Van Reenen, one of the athletes who were trained as a Special Olympics South Africa Healthy Hero.

Juanay used to attend Mitchell’s Plain School of skills, and is now currently in college studying travel and tourism.

She shared with us that the Healthy Heroes training was very interesting, she was taught the importance of keeping healthy, the importance of being an athlete leader and understanding why it is important to get screened during a Healthy Athletes® screening.

She said that it was hard for her to adjust in her community because of the special school she attended. She was constantly teased for it.

Juanay shared with us how grateful she is for the Special Olympics program because it has helped her realize her capabilities in spite of her disability.

Her understanding of a Healthy Hero is that she needs to be the support system that she never received growing up to her fellow peers who have an intellectual disability.

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