A Life Without Limits

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Adrian and his father, Juan Carlos, in swimming class.

"People can set boundaries on me, I do not." 

This phrase from actor Pablo Pineda represents what Adrian's parents, Jessica and Juan Carlos, want for him. "As parents of a baby with Down Syndrome we want to contribute by showing the day-to-day of our lives. Inclusion of our children is mostly up to us," they say.

"We want to give Adrian opportunities to develop and to be independent. We are convinced that a good early care program will become the tool that will facilitate skills development, allowing inclusion in the regular classroom, when it’s time.

"We set our own boundaries. When parents of a child with intellectual disabilities (ID) face the news, the first thing that comes to mind is all they can’t do. We shape society and, to the extent that we show how capable they are, that same society will be more aware about people with ID and will offer them an inclusive life."

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