My Achievement in Special Olympics

Hi, I have been a Special Olympics athlete for 29 years. And here how it got started. I joined Special Olympics when I was 8 years old at Wilson School in Cicero, Illinois, USA, and we competed at Northwestern University.

In 1993 I went to Charles J. Sahs school. I had a PE teacher by the name of Miss Sue. She told my mom and I about Coach Gary at Richport YMCA. I did track and field and I was an anchor for our relay team. We went to Northwestern University to compete. During the race, my team got far behind. I got the baton and I ran like a rocket to pass the other team, and that took our team to state, which was held in Bloomington. I graduated and went to Reavis High School and did sports there. After I graduated I started Special Olympics and did swimming with a rec group, so I decided to find my own team that I did Special Olympics with and sure enough I did found them. I did a marathon. I started from navy pier walked to Soldier Field and back to Navy pier, 6.2 miles. Thank you, Special Olympics!!

About Me:

I am a Special Olympics athlete and a global messenger