Love Bigger

I have a favorite cashier at Target whom I gravitate toward because he's good at his job and very friendly to my toddler.

We were chatting and somehow he got on the subject of Larry the Cable Guy. He expressed to me that he is bothered by the fact that our "heroes, the people who are supposed to save us" are people who use words like r-word to describe others.

My heart shattered into a million pieces because this man who works harder than many felt like he was less than simply because of who he was born to be. This man is kind, hardworking and should never, ever be hurt by any of us in our daily lives much less by someone who thinks he's being funny throwing words around in a comedy skit.

Let's make an effort to remove ugly phrases from our language and discourage those who use those words in a derogatory manner from doing so. It starts at home with us and how we speak around our children. Let's do better, let's love bigger. ❤️