The Story of a Wiz Head

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This is a picture of my brother riding home from school excited to stream.

My brother has autism and he has been made fun of because of his disability. People call him the R-word, stupid and fat. Be he doesn't let that get him down, he ignores there rudeness by streaming a game called Wizard101 on YouTube. He has gained a lot of support by his fan and has gained the confidence to go outside more and interact with people. He has been shamed but now he feels comfortable in his own body because of his support. His classmates basically felt that he was “not equal” to them, weird or an outsider, whatever that means. So I decided to show them his YouTube channel and that has helped them learn about autism. I was hoping they would understand something from his perspective. Some classmates were now able to see him as a kid.

About Me:

Im 18 years old, I live in Texas I support the end of using the R-word


Him making a video about what inspires him.