Special Olympics South Africa Healthy Hero

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Libson shared with us that he will walk with his head held high and do his very best to succeed in life and pursue his soccer career

We interviewed Lisbon Nukeri, from Xihlovo Special School. He feels blessed to have been screened during the Healthy Athletes that was held in Giyani.

He also expressed how informative the Healthy Heroes training was for him, where he got to learn the importance of identifying what kind of foods is healthy, how important hygiene is, all the seven Special Olympics South Africa disciplines and wellness.

He feels so privileged after being screened because he can now continue to train and focus on his soccer skills following the doctor’s instructions on how to keep healthy feet.

He said that what’s more exciting was the fun they had with the doctors and the gifts they received in all the different 7 disciplines.

His understanding of a healthy hero is that he needs to be proud of his disability and embrace it as it’s one thing that makes him Unique and extraordinary from everyone else.

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