A Wonderful Idea

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Me at the Clinton Global Initiative
I am very proud of myself to be here in New York City, my first visit to New York City. I am serving for all athletes all around the world. It is a huge opportunity, a big example for those who are looking up on me. I am very excited and I am very happy. People with disabiliities, they are a part of life. In Namibia, when we have events, such as the EKS Day, international events and local events, we have Healthy Athlete screenings. From the head to the toes, doctors are coming in and doing the screenings. Through screenings, they test ears and eyes and teeth and so on. You get a letter if you need to go to a specialist to get checked out. I have been told I need to get sun spectacles, but I didn't follow up. With Healthy Communities, I would be reminded. Many of our athletes have their abilities, but don't have the chance to get checked out. For me, Healthy Communities sounds very good. It's a wonderful idea. We need doctors, and they need to be there to guide and check our athletes and to check up on them and follow through.

About Me:

I am a Special Olympics Global Messenger. I live in Windhoek, Namibia. I am 34. I play soccer. I am the BEST soccer player.