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Daniela and Kelyn

Athlete swimmers in the pool give each other a high five as both complete their race.
Kelyn reaches out to Daniela for a high five.
As I was taking photos at the World Aquatics event, I noticed two swimmers exchange a high five. They were in side-by-side lanes. I noticed they were from the same team, Costa Rica, and I noticed they had the same last name, Murillo. I wondered if they were sisters. I was able to talk to one of the girls today, Daniela Murillo. She said she met Kelyn Murillo six weeks ago when the Costa Rica delegation got together for the first time. They live in cities that are five or six hours apart. "We have become really good friends. We get along really well," Daniela said. Since they are both swimmers and are both part of Special Olympics Costa Rica, they have a chance to see each other again at a future swim meet. That won't keep them from staying in touch though, Daniela said. "I hope to continue our friendship after the games."

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Will is Special Olympics' director of web products and is the father of a Special Olympics Virginia athlete.