Orlando Ruggiero, excellent friend

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This is Orlando
Orlando Joseph Ruggiero, 28 years of age was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Caracas is a valley surrounded by the majestic Avila mountain, its picturesque streets and beautiful people, as is "Orlandito" named for affection. Orlando is an athlete in the swimming discipline and a participant at the 1st Special Olympics World Acquatics event in San Juan Puerto Rico 2012. He has participated in multiple state, national and international events and is today participating in the 25-meter butterfly styles, 50 mts 4x25 free relay. Many emotions flood him every day, which he expresses everywhere, sharing a bit of his joy with every person he meets and even though he doesn’t know them nor has the ability to communicate given the different languages that are spoken at these events, he is always willing to give a hug, sing, dance and even smile. I, who share these words thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet and share with Orlandito as it has taught me to see life as a variety of colors, leading me to be a new person. Orlandito aside from being an athlete, is an example of life, effort and perseverance. He is an excellent worker, athlete, son, brother and especially a great friend, thereby achieving one of the legacies of our founder Eunice Kennedy shrive "No physical or mental barrier can stop the power of the human spirit."

About Me:

I am the head of the delegation from Venezuela to the World Aquatics Invitational