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A Simple Story about Basketball

300x200 Mason Dribbling
This is Mason.
My son Mason is a Special Olympics basketball player in Virginia. He just finished his second season. As I was watching him before a practice, I noticed he was dribbling the ball without looking, just as naturally and confidently as any other boy. That was a big deal. When Mason started playing basketball, he couldn't control the ball well, and he couldn't keep it going. It wasn't long before his coach, Jim Worden, showed him the right way to do it. His team of little guys from Northern Virginia were all coming into the season with skills ranging from accomplished to...can't dribble. By the end of the season, they were a team that stuck together, played defense, handled the ball and won a fair number of games. The confidence and poise that I saw in Mason as he worked his way down the court was a feeling I could not have imagined before seeing it firsthand.

About Me:

I am the father of a Special Olympics athlete. I also work for Special Olympics' headquarters in Washington, DC.