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A Testimony from Special Olympics South Africa Clinical Director

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A picture of Dr. Pheeha at MedFest.

We Spoke to Dr. Steven Pheeha, one of the Doctors who have been volunteering his services towards the Special Olympics South Africa Medfest discipline.


Dr. Steven expressed that his motivation behind him volunteering at the screenings is his love and passion for working with people with intellectual disabilities.


“The opportunity to assist these individuals is something life changing and being able to give care to communities who can’t afford is a fulfilling feeling” he said. Dr Steven added that being a part of this team is a once in a life time opportunity and it is an honor making a difference in the athletes lives.” It’s all about seeing the athlete’s smile that makes it all worth it” he added. He continued to say that it is a privilege for him to be able to give back the knowledge he has spent so many years accumulating in school and he cannot wait to do it again at the next Healthy Athlete Screening.


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