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A Volunteer's Perspective on the "Skillz for Life" Program

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Here is a picture of Salvation who hopes to be a Special Olympics coach that in the future.

We spoke to Salvation Mokoena, 25 years of age who was a volunteer during the “Skillz for Life” holiday camp. He shared with us on what an amazing experience this was for him. That he wasn’t aware that was an organization that does so much exceptional work, all in the name of making a difference in the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

He was amazed and happy with how the “Skillz for Life” curriculum introduced him to ways of how he can live and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Salvation expressed how awesome it was seeing all the athletes and partners united during the practice sessions in class.

"I was really impressed and with the way both athletes and partners conducted themselves and took instructions which blew me away", he said. Salvation, later said with a lot of excitement on how informative and involving the “Skillz for Life” grass roots soccer curriculum was for him.

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