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Autism and our lives

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me and my brother Hashim

Autism is not a disease, and so me and my brother are not patients. It's simply part of one's identity.

I'm Autistic and feel proud as Special Olympics has taught me the real meaning of Autism, which is acceptance for all and love for all humans.

A love so powerful and strong that has rearranged my heart. I am HOPE AND POSSIBILITY. I am KIND AND LOVING.

I am PRIDE AND ACHIEVEMENT. My brother is non-verbal, but he still want to enjoy, go for a ride, and play, and so I make sure to take him along with me. He understands the language of love. I want people to understand that each individual counts regardless of ability or disability.

We should spread the message of love for all. This way everybody will get a chance to enjoy their lives and so this will bring peace and harmony in the community. Remember : Choose to Include!!!

To spread awareness about autism, I took part in a cycling Event in Islamabad, Pakistan.

About Me:

I am Muhammad Haseeb Abbasi, Athlete Leader and a cyclist from Pakistan.