Bonding over Sports

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EJ Vaughn and Louis Pisani share a love of sports and the same birthday
Louis Pisani is a senior at Naperville North High School in Illinois. When his family moved back to Naperville his freshman year after living in Quebec for 4 years, Louis, who lives with autism, intellectual disabilities and selective mutism, didn't know anyone at his new school. An honor student, 3 sport varsity athlete and all around good kid named EJ Vaughn took Louis under his wings and became his best friend. Through the years EJ has volunteered in his school's Special Olympics program and helped Pisani's family start an organization for athletes with special needs serving as a coach and Unified Peer Partner for the team's first Unified Soccer season. It was more than a coincidence when the two athletes realized they shared the same birthday and were born within an hour of each other.

About Me:

I'm a mom, advocate, coach and president of DuPage Valley Special Athletes, a volunteer-run organization for athletes with special needs in suburban Chicago.


the bond between EJ Vaughn and Louis Pisani
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