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Cap Heads to the State Meet!

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For the past several years I have had the honor of knowing a very special young man, Christopher Alexander. Christopher, AKA Cap or The Mayor of Mountain Brook, has had challenges that most children will never have, however for all of his challenges he has more than made up for them in other aspects of his life. His constant happiness is something you can’t mistake. My son and I have always said if you are having a bad day you need to stop by to see Cap and he will always cheer you up. His positive attitude is absolute and longing for adventure with his family is not hard to miss. At the age of 7 he became an honorary member of the Mountain Brook HS Marching Band and has never missed a game or an opportunity to march out with the drum line. Christopher has a deep love for animals and this past year he was chosen as a Junior Animal Control Officer. This past year he ran and now has qualified and to run the 800 meter for the State Special Olympics at Troy University this Saturday. He is the only child representing his school at this years event, and hopes to make it to national and then international. His family and community could not be more proud!

About Me:

My name is Jennifer Jones. I own my own business for marketing, social media and photography. Most of all I am Christopher's biggest fan!