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Come to Special Olympics to Solve the Problem of Discrimination

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The Youth Summit includes 50 participants from across Europe Eurasia and recommendations will be delivered to the Scientific Symposium at the European Games 2014.
“How do we solve the problem of discrimination and injustice?” was the question and challenge that Tim Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics athletes asked an international collection of youth leaders and athletes as he visited the European Games 2014 Youth Summit in Antwerp today. He explained why at Special Olympics Games national flags are not displayed: “We don’t ask you to come with symbols that say you are separate or better. We ask you to come together to solve the problem of discrimination. And maybe if we just play together we can solve this problem”. Speaking at the Coca Cola visitor centre where the Youth Summit is hosted, Tim explained that SO need to follow a business model similar to Coca Cola: “Your job as young people is to teach the world to speak the same language in perfect harmony. Just like Coca Cola make 60,000 bottles an hour here in Antwerp, we need to make 60,000 open human hearts and minds around the world.” The Youth Summit will run until Sept 16th.

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