Different but Love Being Different

I've been called many names including the r-word. I have hearing loss so I can't hear very well sometimes. I have a few friends who protected me when I was in high school. They made sure the bullies knew their place when they made fun of me. I also have speech and learning problems. I try to clear my voice and make it loud but it's hard sometimes. I graduated high school so I'm very glad I left that behind. I didnt want to go back cuz a few staffs were making fun of me n making me sound like I was so dumb and can't do a lot of things. I said on my last day of school to them, I can do as much as you can do. You are jealous of me. I'm a human being too. Being different is a good thing. It shows us we are different not the same.

About Me:

my name is lynette marshall. i,m 21. i have hearing loss n speech n learning disabilities. I've been on Special Olympics in illinois. i have no mom since i was 16. i would like to join a Special Olympics team again. You can contact me by my email.