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District of Columbia Athlete Is Heading to LA for the World Games

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Demetrius Cutchin of Washington, D.C.
A Special Olympics athlete from Washington, D.C., will compete in track and field events at the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles. Demetrius Cutchin will be part of the Special Olympics USA team, one of about 170 teams from the around the world. Demetrius, 21, started participating in Special Olympics as a middle school student. His first exposure to training and competition was in individual skills golf back in 2006. Throughout middle school, he participated in track and field and speed skating. It was not until he reached high school that he fully realized that he could excel through participation in sports with Special Olympics. With the encouragement of his high school teachers and coaches, he further branched out to try team volleyball, Unified soccer and the military 4 x 100 meter Unified relay. Demetrius currently participates in at least one sport per training season with Special Olympics District of Columbia and has grown tremendously as an athlete and young man since beginning with Special Olympics.

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